Retail was changing its leasing model but Covid-19 and the 50% increase in internet sales in one year has accelerated the process significantly. Next plc recently reported 33 lease renewals on a turnover basis and 22 on a fixed rent and clearly asset managers need to understand how to react.

Total Turnover Solutions was launched by Realm and Eccleston Capital to address revenue response management to the increasing influence of turnover rents. Our speakers are both highly experienced in the agency, investment and asset management sides of the retail and leisure industry. Mark most recently was Head of Retail Investment at Colliers and now at Eccleston Capital. Dan is MD at Realm who are an established asset management business specialising across the retail and leisure business. Our Chair has already leant on TTS for advice on a turnover model and for market facing experience. Please take the opportunity to join us to understand more of this leasing environment.

Chair: Matthew Hannah
Innes England Ltd

Speakers: Dan Mason & Mark Phillipson
Total Turnover Solutions

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